The Conservative Women’s Organisation was founded in 1919, although its roots go back to 1885 and the Primrose League. It continues to work for the women members of the Conservative Party and to represent their views to the Party Leader, Chairman and MPs.

The CWO also works with many NGOs, giving a voice to smaller campaigns and publicising national and international ones. We network with businesses (CWO Enterprise), put forward policy (CWO Forums) and work with women and men interested in standing for public office (CWO Development).

The CWO offers a focus and support for all women whose beliefs and values are in sympathy with today’s modern Conservative Party. They can establish contact, learn about Conservative viewpoints and contribute to the discussion about the issues that will influence future Conservative policy.

The CWO provides training, mentoring and speaking opportunities. We encourage and support women who wish to become involved at all levels of public life or in their local communities: From school governors to public appointments, Cllrs to MPs. The CWO is there to help support all Conservative candidates through CWO Development, both men and women can join our courses.

The CWO is an affiliated organisation of the Conservative Party. If you a member of the Conservative Party, then you can be member of the Conservative Women’s Organisation irrespective of your gender, as long as you agree to our aims. Our members form a countrywide network of people of all ages and backgrounds, working together in a wide range of activities within the voluntary party.


If you would like any more information on getting involved with the CWO, please get in touch with the Devon CWO Chairman, Margaret Boadella - 07711 860576